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Commercial law services in Darwin

Whether you’re planning to start a business or are already involved with one, you need access to reliable commercial law services. De Silva Hebron provides Darwin businesses with a range of commercial legal guidance to help navigate the technicalities of running a company while making sure it’s done legally.

We will help you incorporate, draw up legal business documents or assist when you apply for liquor and other licenses. Our trained team of solicitors are here for you, to help you achieve success in your legal endeavours. We will also help you handle any disputes that arise between you and other businesses, between you and partners or between you and other members of your team.

The team here at De Silva Hebron are well versed in all aspects of commercial law and we have handled many successful cases in the Darwin area. We know the local business landscape so you can feel secure in knowing we can provide highly knowledgeable and personalised services.

Find out more about our commercial law services in the Northern Territory

De Silva Hebron is committed to providing personalised legal services throughout the Northern Territory. Our solicitors will work one on one with you to determine your precise needs and tailor-make a solution that will work for your situation.

We are confident in handling even the most complex legal cases. Our staff will handle whatever challenges you throw our way.

We offer the following commercial law services:
• Sale and Purchase of a Business
• Finance Agreements
• Partnerships
• Corporations
• Resident Agencies
• Liquor Licensing
• Association and Non-Profit Organisations
• Trusts

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Our trained solicitors will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Contact us and we Will set up a time to go over your case in more detail. If you have more complex legal issues we also provide commercial and civil litigation services.