Prior to becoming a lawyer, Peter worked as an Associate to Commissioner Simmonds in the Federal Industrial Relations Commission (now Fair Work). In that role Peter developed a good understanding of employment law.

Peter undertook articles with Norton White specialising in Maritime and Aviation Law.

Together with the majority of Norton White, Peter moved to Ebsworth & Ebsworth in 2003, where he assisted senior solicitors in acting for most of the major airlines in the Deep Vein Thrombosis claims being made against them. This involved the overall management of some 200 files and claims against the airlines. Peter also acted for the State of Victoria or for individual Police Officers in proceedings brought for personal injury against the State and the Officer.

In 2005 Peter moved to country Victoria and opened up his own legal practice, practising in a variety of areas during this time being the preparation of wills and powers of attorney, obtaining grants of probate and estate administration, lease negotiations and general commercial law and litigation. Being a sole practitioner Peter developed the ability to manage his own files and to ensure that all applicable time frames were completed.

In 2012 Peter moved to the Northern Territory and commenced employment with De Silva Hebron as part of the litigation team and in that time developed a good understanding of the laws applicable in the Northern Territory Jurisdiction. Peter has acted in numerous Workers Compensation matters, in Court of Summary Jurisdiction and Supreme Court Criminal proceedings, in Federal Magistrates Court and Fair Work Commission employment matters.

Peter specialises in personal injury claims and in the last few years he has had two significant successes. In one matter his client was awarded a significant amount for an injury he suffered whilst riding his bicycle. In another matter which settled prior to the hearing, in which Peter’s client had suffered extensive injuries in a house fire, Peter’s client achieved a significant settlement which will provide for the client’s future needs.

As well as his legal career Peter was also a member of the Royal Australian Navy for six years, a Customs Officer with the Australian Customs Service for 10 years and an Associate to a Fair Work Commissioner for 5 years.

These experiences have equipped Peter with a broad range of knowledge in a variety of areas which he finds he is able to utilise in supplementing his legal expertise when acting for a client.

Relevant experience from other past positions

  • 1981 to 1987 Member of Royal Australian Navy;
  • 1988 to 1998 Member of Australian Customs Service;
  • 1998 to 2002 Associate to Federal Industrial Relations Commissioner

Relevant experience from other past positions

Member of the Darwin Community Legal Service Volunteer division and provides volunteer legal services to the Community Legal Service on a monthly basis

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