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Planning your last will and testament is about much more than just protecting your property and other legal assets. It is also about protecting your family and their livelihood. With the help of our estate planning services, you can ensure that your financial assets are left to whoever you choose and we can help you write your will with an eye toward creating the smallest tax burden possible.

We are experts at estate planning and we can arrange your will so that it gives the greatest benefit to your loved ones, businesses or any charity you choose to leave it to. We will help you work your way through all your assets carefully to ensure there is no doubt about what your last wishes are, removing a huge burden from your family later on.

Our team can also help you name an executor of the estate and other details that most commonly lead to issues later on.

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Gone are the days of not needing a will. Even if you have only a few assets aside from your primary home, such investment properties or stocks, you will want to ensure those go to the people of your choosing.

Additionally, if you have young children or other dependents, you will need to create a will to ensure they are taken care of in the event of your absence. This can include naming guardians for their care and designating beneficiaries of your financial assets, real estate and life insurance properties.

Estate planning can be a very complex process but our team of solicitors are trained in recognising every potential trouble area and pitfall. Contact us today so that we can start a conversation for smoothing them out for an iron clad will that carefully details your true wishes.

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